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Daniel Josefsohn

Daniel Josefsohn (born 1961) is one of Germany’s leading contemporary photographers. His photographs elude habitual ways of looking, shifting effortlessly between art and commerce. Following his legendary “Miststück” campaign for MTV in the 1990s, Josefsohn worked for numerous magazines and for many years was responsible for the external image of the Berlin Volksbühne. In his works he finds a new balance each time between provocation and humour, between ironic assertion and political agitation, managing to cause discomfort while at the same time being loved for doing so. One of example of this is his series of staged pictures with storm-trooper helmets on Tiananmen Square, at the Brandenburg Gate and in front of the Wailing Wall. Josefsohn often makes reference to his Israeli nationality and to the Middle East conflict, such as in the series of images ‘Jewing Gun’. After suffering a stroke in 2012, he documented his life and work before and after in a year-long photo column for ‘ZEITmaga¬zin’ together with Karin Müller. This series won the German LeadAward for Best Reportage Photography and was published in a collected edition under the title ‘Fuck Yes’. The illustrated volume ‘OK DJ’, published in 2014, provides an overview of his oeuvre to date.