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Atelier Van Lieshout

Joep van Lieshout (Ravenstein, 1963) is a Dutch sculptor, visionary, and enfant terrible who Works and resides in Rotterdam. He rose to fame in the mid 80-ies with projects that questioned the boundary between art and functional object. In 1995 van Lieshout founded his studio, Atelier Van Lieshout; ever since, he has been working under the studio moniker to undermine the myth of the artistic genius.

Over the past two decades, Atelier Van Lieshout has produced a cornucopia of works which straddle art, design and architecture: sculpture and installations, buildings and furniture, utopias and dystopias. What these works have in common are a number of recurring themes, motives and obsessions: systems, power, autarky, life, sex, death. The human individual in the face of a greater whole. With this body of work, he has exhibited at museums and galleries worldwide.

Van Lieshout’s interest in systems and in building new societies have led to him creating a series of works focusing on both industrial production and technological progress, and the role both of these could play in the future. These works reflect on our extremely advanced and complex society, on over-consumption and the limited nature of the raw materials on which this society is built. In Van Lieshout’s opinion, our current modus operandi cannot survive, and will have to lead to a new improved society, where advanced technology will play a vital role. What, however, will humankind’s role be in this brave, bright future?