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Antonija Livingstone

Antonija Livingstone is an independent performer and dance maker working in Montréal and Berlin.
She initiated independent performance formations at Experimental Dance and Music Company Studios in
Vancouver and at Movement Research Studios in New York. As a performer she worked with Benoît
Lachambre, Meg Stuart, Vera Mantero, Lisa Nelson, and Eszter Salamon. Antonija Livingstone created
several duets in collaboration with Antonia Baehr, Heather Kravas and Jennifer Lacey among others. Her
work has been supported and presented by festivals such as Festival d’Avignon, ImpulsTanz and Tanz im
August. In the past five years, she has been working for Circuit-Est Centre Choreographique in Montreal
as a mentor and coach for emerging artists. Outside Canada, Antonija develops her mentorship
occupation on a freelance basis.