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Ahmet Sisman

Istanbul born, Essen based Ahmet Sisman is a passionate music lover who has his fingers in many different pies. Since 2008 he has released his dark yet appealing, absorbingly melancholic, hardware driven sound on some choice labels. Always conjuring up hypnotic, mystic sounds in the studio, he is somewhat who likes to tell musical stories as a DJ, and not just play functional club tracks. A set from him is one that will take you deep into his world, to a place of energy and emotion, where dancers and their reactions very much dictate his direction.

Since 2012, he has been laying down these sets as resident (and in house booker) at Goethebunker, one of the finest clubs in all the Ruhr region.

As well as his work there, Ahmet is musical curator for the Goethebunker Stage at the well regarded German art festival Ruhrtriennale. It finds cult electronic artists play outdoors and indoors in a beautiful location, whilst he is also co-founder of Mischwerk, a new party brand that plays out at the UNESCO World Heritage site Kokerei Zollverein. As such, he is immersed in music 24/7 and is someone driven by experiences, emotions and longevity rather than fleeting trends.