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(c) Ruhr2010, Foto: Manfred Vollmer


(c) Ruhr2010, Foto: Manfred Vollmer

Founding and First Meeting of the Ruhr Future Council

Something is happening in the Ruhr region: Essen is the Green Capital of Europe, 100 Kilometres of express cycle path will connect Duisburg and Hamm, in 2020 we will elect a Ruhr parliament. Is that everything – or is there more going on? How does a region become a city, ultimately a metropolis? Above all: what can its citizens contribute to ensure that there is enough meaningful work in the region in 2032 or 2054 and that it is a pleasure to live here?   That the environment is protected, the climate saved and the quality of life raised?

Between 2015 and 2017 the Ruhrtriennale offers the opportunity to bring an institution into being which will involve the citizens of the Ruhr metropolis in shaping a future for the Ruhr that is worth living – the Ruhr Future Council. A democratic experiment in participation where you can take part! We invite you to the constitutional meeting of the Ruhr Future Council.

The opening discussion with Ruhrtriennale Artistic Director Johan Simons, spatial planner Christa Reicher, regional plnaner Martin Tönnes, dramaturg Sabine Reich, energy expert Babette Nieder (to be confirmed), economic sociologist Rolf Heinze and business developer Rasmus C. Beck will investigate tasks for the future which will subsequently be made more specific in a “world café” and  converted into conclusions.

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With - Rasmus C. Beck, Rolf G. Heinze, Claus Leggewie, Stephan Muschick, Sabine Reich, Christa Reicher, Johan Simons, Martin Tönnes