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Christoph Sebastian

uNTeR wELteN eSsEN

Jens Bouttery, Daan Milius

Christoph Sebastian

Triggers and Tresholds – THE BLOGPERA

This season the Ruhrtriennale investigates creation myths, tracing the power of history and memory and delving down to our primal origins and primal fears. ‘Under Worlds’ embraces all this. As part of the Campustriennale Masterclass three young theatre companies – selected from 200 applications from all around the world – have the chance to create a theatre project of their own related to these themes with professional support. The world premieres can be seen together in one long evening of theatre which links different cities and different locations. A trip “under worlds” with the theatrical generation of tomorrow.

The Dutch-Belgian theatre collective Jens Maurits Orchestra’s work combines original music composition, installation and documentary theatre. ‘Triggers and Thresholds – THE BLOGPERA’ is the further development of a project from 2014. Sounds from a 20 track endless tape machine they have built themselves will be mixed during the performance with noises, sounds, text and verbal quotations as well as new musical compositions. A video blog, in which experts examine the origins of our music culture, will be consumed in the form of “information nuggets” along with reactions from the audience. An interactive blog-opera for listeners and spectators, live and on tape.

Jens Maurits Orchestra (Jens Bouttery, Daan Milius, Lucas Kramer, Dorian Dumont) © Silvano Magnone