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Christoph Sebastian

uNTeR wELteN oBeRHaUseN

Johannes Ender

Christoph Sebastian

The Hilariously, Hysterically, Horribly Funny Demons of Fleet Street

This season the Ruhrtriennale investigates creation myths, tracing the power of history and memory and delving down to our primal origins and primal fears. ‘Under Worlds’ embraces all this. As part of the Campustriennale Masterclass three young theatre companies – selected from 200 applications from all around the world – have the chance to create a theatre project of their own related to these themes with professional support. The world premieres can be seen together in one long evening of theatre which links different cities and different locations. A trip “under worlds” with the theatrical generation of tomorrow.

Young director Johannes Ender and his artistic associates have made it their aim to revive popular theatre in a manner appropriate to our time. In their theatre production they try to get to the bottom of death and laughter. Literally. In a cellar they assemble a collection of lonely mass murderers, depressed cannibals and desperate characters trying to drill their way to hell. They examine the excessive comedy of the morbid, our laughing at death and why it seems to be our only way of dealing with mortality. ‘The Hilariously, Hysterically, Horribly Funny Demons of Fleet Street’ is based on the horror stories of Victorian penny dreadfuls and a ‘Spiegel’ story about Russian engineers who apparently struck Hell during drilling work. It’s no joke.

Johannes Eder © Andreas Schlieter