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Thorsten Schoth

Thorsten Schoth was born in Lüdinghausen in 1987. He studied from 2008 bis 2015 at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, working with Katharina Fritsch since 2010. His sculpture plays with irony, but also with a fine degree of unsettling and challenge the perception of the beholder. In 4 o’clock, oversized chocolate muffins roll out of a broken teapot; Sammelobjekt 3 : Fledermaus shows deceptively real-looking, large wine gum bats of polyester that hang like trophies on the wall, and in the sculpture Kleid a pastel colored dress of flowing material, made of polyester and acrylic, is placed as an empty shell in space. In his works, Schoth seeks to suspend the line separating sculpture and painting and takes his motifs from their normal context in everyday life. In 2013, he was a fellow of the Friedrich J.H. Schneider-Stiftung.