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(c) Marie Köhler


(c) Marie Köhler

Maja, Lina, Nils and Till Beckmann are four actor siblings who created the company Spielkinder together in 2009 to enable them to realise “projects close to their hearts” which would not otherwise happen as part of their everyday activities. One of these projects close to their hearts concerns the writer Ralf Rothmann.

His novels about the Ruhr region present a sensitive and youthful view of the Ruhr in the 1960s, one which captivated the Spielkinder immediately. And as children of the Ruhr themselves they realised straight away that these were not stories they could perform everywhere, they could only perform them in the region. 

Since 2013 they have had support. Together with their band - Charly Hübner (detective in Polizeiruf 110), Ingmar Kurenbach (Schauspielhaus Bochum) and Uwe Frisch-Niewöhner (a company member for many years at KOM’MA Theater Duisburg) – they bring Ralf Rothmann’s characters and texts to life on stage. The atmosphere of the Ruhr region is perfectly illustrated by the images of award-winning photographer Brigitte Kraemer.

Spielkinder and their band play with the texts, play around inside them and present them in their own way: in an affectionate staged cabaret reading with beer instead of mineral water, and the Spielkinder on bar stools instead of authors with reading lamps…


With - Maja Beckmann, Lina Beckmann, Nils Beckmann, Till Beckmann