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Loic Perela


Loic Perela

Program change : Instead of the workshop " Love - ism " on Sunday, 30 August 14 to 17 clock the workshop " Senses" will be held by Loic Perela.

SENSES is an attempt to embrace the human senses as the elements that bind us human beings. We live in a fast and rapidly changing world, where agenda’s dictate our lives, we seem to keep longing for more without really knowing why. Can we slow down and pay attention to what surrounds us? To see, hear, feel, taste and smell. How can we use the natural functions of our body to (re-)discover and embrace the world around us to its full potential?

Description workshop:
During this workshop we will start very slowly, getting in touch with our breathing and, following a very simple set of tasks explored through improvisation, we will gradually get the body functional, warm and receptive.

We will then stimulate and cultivate the awareness of what surrounds us at every moment, we will open this consciousness of our own body to the rest of the room and the other participants, through physical exercises that combine creativity and specific rules.

About Loïc:
Loïc Perela is French and currently lives in Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

As a performer he mainly worked within a specific branch of contemporary dance, which takes its source in classical ballet, deconstructing the form while searching for specific choreographic languages, in companies such as Scapino Ballet, Donlon Dance Company…

After dancing and choreographing for those few European companies he decided in 2012 to be independent and develop his own identity as a maker, to create his own context and understand the fundaments of what creating meant, for him. After meeting Kristin de Groot the artistic leader of Dansateliers in Rotterdam, he created works under their support, and still does.

Loïc sees dance as an art form that takes its source in the body. He is not interested in developing a style or a choreographic language but, to deeply listen to the body and the mind through theatre making, exploring different topics. His signature shows through other aspects than these of the form, he creates experiential performances existing of ongoing compositions. You could say the choreography becomes invisible and becomes merely the carrier of something greater: a sense of shared experience between human beings, being both the performers and the audience members. Leading them to feel more complete, more in touch with themselves.