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(c) Steffen Jagenburg


(c) Steffen Jagenburg

Hoodoo pres. Hans Nieswandt (Whirlpool Productions), Analogue Choir Boys (It Is What It Is / ME Music), Baulter (Hoodoo)

Hoodoo is one of Bochum’s most exciting house parties. As if to prove this, their star guest at the Van Lieshout installation will be Hans Nieswandt: pop journalist, book author, DJ legend and Artistic Director of the newly-formed Institute of Popular Music at the Folkwang University of the Arts. He will be joined by the Analogue Choir Boys Kandinsky and David Ley and the DJ team Baulter, who like dancing off the beat but mix to the beat.  Following the Bianca Casady concert: Love in Four-Four Time – mostly between disco and house.


DJ - Hans Nieswandt