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Films: Heimat Night Bochum | Heimat Night Gelsenkirchen

Heimat (“home”) is a big word and a strong emotion. The Heimat Night documentary series tries to find why people like living in their own city and maybe don’t ever want to leave. Impressive and largely unreleased films document what you can love about a city and what you can’t.

Heimat Night Bochum

„Heimatabend Bochum“ © WDR

The film ‘Heimat Night Bochum’ by Jens Tampier and Frank Bürgin visits important sites in the recent history of Bochum and offers the viewer an intimate experience of the transformation of this much-loved city in the Ruhr region. It takes in mining communities, what was once Germany’s most modern city swimming pool, the Opel factory, planetarium and university. It goes to the Ruhrlandhalle for a concert and VfL Bochum’s stadium to watch the football. Containing the personal memories of many inhabitants, the film tells the story of possibly the Ruhr region’s most adaptable city. Narrated by Frank Goosen.

Heimat Night Gelsenkirchen

„Heimatabend Gelsenkirchen“ © WDR

Frank Bürgin’s documentary film ‘Heimat Night Gelsenkirchen’ tells the city’s varied history. Its destruction during the Second World War was followed by a golden decade in the 1950s. This was crowned by the seventh – and still most recent – German Football Championship win for FC Schalke 04 and the building of a new theatre which created a nationwide furore. The city fathers had already drawn up a certificate to welcome the city’s 400,000th resident when the crisis in the coal mining industry gave rise to major restructuring. Narrated by Werner Hansch. 

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