Association of Friends and Supporters of the Ruhrtriennale e.V.

The Society of Friends and Supporters share a special passion for the Ruhrtriennale, and the personal involvement of each individual member extends well beyond the Society. This is a body which promotes the ideas of the festival and supports it financially. Its collective contribution does not stop at the significant support the Society makes towards financing selected productions: its involvement particularly on behalf of young audiences and the contribution each member makes to spreading word of the Ruhrtriennale programme are key aims of the Society.

Become a Friend, Supporter, Partner or become involved in an honorary capacity by greeting and hosting new members. Every level of support offers benefits before or during the Ruhrtriennale as symbolic thanks for your involvement.

Friends (membership 95 €, couples 140 €) have an exclusive right to book in advance, the chance to attend public dress rehearsals of the Ruhrtriennale and once a year we invite you to the Prologue: an exclusive look behind the scenes at the Ruhrtriennale and a chance to meet the Artistic Director in person. Excursions, programme presentations and the chance to attend first night parties complete the benefits package. A specially reduced fee allows students and socially disadvantaged people who would like to become part of the community of Friends and Supporters to become members from 30 €.

In addition to these benefits, Supporters(membership 1.000 €) have the right to buy tickets further in advance. Guaranteed attendance at the opening premiere, a personal credit in the Ruhrtriennale’s annual programme and free entry to all the artist talks complete this package.

Membership as a Partner represents a very special involvement in the Ruhrtriennale: with membership starting at 5.000 € we thank you with personal credits at all venues and other exclusive benefits. A complete list of benefits for each level of support can be found on our website.

We wish to thank all our Friends, Supporters and Partners for the Year 2015:

Prof. Dr. Dietrich Grönemeyer
Ursula Müller
Tillmann Neinhaus

Praxis Central