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(c) Bohren & Der Club of Gore

BoHReN & DeR cLUB oF GoRe

(c) Bohren & Der Club of Gore

There is a shaft leading directly from Mülheim an der Ruhr into the innermost circle of hell. This shaft is where Bohren & Der Club of Gore rehearse. At least hardly anyone has looked as deep into the abyss as they have. In a place the world forgot, between jazz loops and doom metal, they have created an elegant drone sound which bears few comparisons. Music journalists have been keen to find associations with and memories of horror films from their teenage years and eerie tracks by “the slowest band in the world” (SPEX) have indeed provided ideal accompaniments to the disturbing images of film directors such as John Carpenter, Abel Ferrera, Dario Argento and David Lynch. Their eighth and most recent studio album ‘Piano Nights’, which was released in 2014 on PIAS follows on from classics such as ‘Black Earth’ and demonstrates the band’s fundamental qualities. At the Ruhrtriennale they will wrap up Joep van Lieshout’s Installation ‘The Good, The Bad & The Ugly’ in darkness and fog.


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