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Mit Ohne Alles: a day in the life of student intern Pascal

23. Feb. 2015

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My name is Pascal Ulrich, I’m 15 years old and I’ve been part of the Ruhrtriennale since the first Children’s Choice Awards Jury in 2012. This year I and the other young people in our own company ‘Mit ohne Alles’ will put together our own project for the Ruhrtriennale. But for the next three weeks I’m going to be spending my time here at the Ruhrtriennale’s base, the offices of Kultur Ruhr, because I’ve decided to do my work experience for school here.

Oh yeah, work experience ... Everyone thinks all they’re going to do is fetch coffee or do some boring jobs, but I’m finally speaking from experience now - it’s not like that!

Of course you’re going to have to print some things out or staple them or research them. But they don’t force you to do it or anything like that. I’m so happy to be here because the people are really nice and helpful - but also the working days are always varied and never the same.

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You look up information about plays and actors, learn a lot about people and their work, see breath-taking venues and meet artists. And above all you realise how much goes on behind the plays and the name Ruhrtriennale. The huge amounts of work, the pressure of deadlines and exciting discussions which ultimately decide how everything is going to work and which plays will get shown.

My works for today consisted of writing this blog, printing out various things and going to see a play in Oldenburg by the group ‘Pulk Fiktion’. There are still 6 seats left on the bus but too many of our group have put their names down for this trip. I think we’ll have to have to a lottery to see who can go along – haha.

I am also planning with Cathrin Rose, who I’ve known ever since I joined the Ruhrtriennale, to travel to Hanover to an event on “cultural dialogue” where we’re going to talk in front of 360 people about the ‘No Education’ programme and what it’s actually about. I think that’s going to be pretty exciting and I’m really looking forward to it.

So much about my work experience. Stay in touch.

Till then, yours, Pascal.