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(c) Bianca Casady

Bianca Casady and The C.i.A.

(c) Bianca Casady

As Cocorosie Bianca Casady, together with her sister Sierra, created her own cosmos of sound, somewhere between the magical and the surreal, but above all something different from everything that had gone before. By exploring the fault lines of singer-songwriter and folk traditions, and inserting field recordings as well as elements of hip hop and electronica, Cocorosie opened new perspectives for contemporary pop music and gained a wide fan base which included Antony Hegarty (Antony and the Johnsons) and Robert Wilson (who recently directed ‘Peter Pan’ at the Berliner Ensemble with Cocorosie).

This year Bianca Casady has completed her first solo album, which will be released in the autumn. Here wonderfully fragile song sculptures are created between typewriter sounds and a thoroughly out-of-tune piano, whose vulnerable beauty – as with Cocorosie – is most powerfully expressed through the poetry of the lyrics. Bianca Casady’s live work is a performance hybrid with concert, dance and video elements. Casady appears on stage together with her band and the French choreographer Biño Sauitzvy, with whom she has collaborated on her previous theatre and dance pieces ‘Nightshift – A Feeble Ballet’ and ‘Mother Hunting’.

Video + Interview zu Bianca Casady and the C.I.A. (c) Kampnagel Hamburg

In diesem Jahr hat Bianca Casady nun ihr erstes Solo-Album fertig gestellt, das im Herbst erscheinen wird. Zwischen Schreibmaschinensounds und einem völlig verstimmten Piano entstehen hier wunderbar fragile Songskulpturen, deren brüchige Schönheit sich – wie bereits bei Cocorosie – vor allem in der Lyrik der Texte Ausdruck findet. Live erscheint Bianca Casadys Ansatz als performativer Hybrid aus Konzert- Tanz- und Video-Elementen. Casady steht dabei gemeinsam mit ihrer Band und dem französischen Choreografen Biño Sauitzvy auf der Bühne, mit dem sie schon bei ihren Theater- bzw. Tanzstücken „Nightshift – A Feeble Ballet“ und „Mother Hunting“ zusammenarbeitete.