Maschinenhaus Zeche Carl



Director: Anja Gronau
Stage, costumes: Sabine Kohlstedt

The Maschinenhaus Essen is part of the former pit Carl that was instituted 1855. The brick building was built with a base area of 14 * 20 metres in the year 1990 as a location for the steam machine manoeuvring the conveyor cage. 1929 the coal extraction was ceased. Until 1970 the pit Carl was in operation for man-and material riding and for ventilation. The overground buildings were used as repair and assembling shops. At the end of 1973 all mining facilities in Altenessen were closed down. The colliery plant at the Carl location was supposed to be torn down, due to financial reasons however the Ruhrkohle did not tackle this task immediately. Thanks to the commitment of the »Inititative Zeche Carl« the pulling down could be impeded and since 1985 the entire buliding is heritage listed.
The Maschinenhaus is financed by the registered art association Carl Stipendium e.V. In direct neighborhood to the self-governed cultural centre, »Zeche Carl« serves as a production-, event- and exhibition location for contemporary art.